LIT UP Leaders: Micah Pascual

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If we’re to talk about “Alpha Females”, she’d be on top of my list of friends, only because Ronda Rousey isn’t in my radar (yet). No, she is not a fighter like her in the Octagon nor any martial arts field (though she does of a bit of Taekwondo), I could say she’s one tough cookie in terms of the spiritual side.

She is one of my workmates back then when I had a short stint for 7107 International Music Festival and clicked we did right away. I consider her one of my dearest sisters in the faith and surely, how God molded her into this heroine is truly just amazing. She could have done her work here in the Metro, big city but she chose to dig deep and go back to her roots, and lead where God told her.

It’s been a while since I last had a “LIT UP” Leader section and sharing this short but concise interview. Let her answers do all the talking and let’s see if you’re not going to be impressed.

  1. Define who is a leader?

A leader is someone who sees other’s potential before that person realizes it. A leader is someone who can reach out and serve the people around him or her, not because he actually can, but because he/she has been a recipient of service. In effect, he/she is inspired to do the same to other who have not experienced it yet. 

  1. Who has helped you become a leader?

I am the kind of person who would intentionally seek people who I can look up to. In high school, when I became sensitive of doing something for the people around me, I started looking up to my teachers. In college, I met older brothers and sisters who looked after my spiritual discipline. I also met pastors and missionaries who readily laid down their lives to serve strangers, literally.

  1. When did you feel that it’s your time to step up? Or how did you feel it’s your time?

I realized that I have been living for myself. I was doing good things to feed and satisfy my pride. It was really a shattering moment for me because I thought I had been doing service for people. Opportunities presented itself wherein I have no idea what to do, like being a college instructor in a state university. It pushed me to learn more and ask more wise counsel.

  1. Who are your mentors? How did they shape you?

One of my mentors is my mom and dad’s youth pastor. He is a very objective, optimistic and proactive pastor. He always challenges me to do beyond what I have and what I know. I have a couple of older spiritual sisters whom I turn to for womanhood lessons. They always lead me to the Bible and how the Lord worked in their lives. 

  1. What was the biggest challenge you have experienced so far? How did you fair? 

Transition to one place to another will always be the biggest challenge for me. Being away from my spiritual sisters has been a challenge I have to battle for almost I year. I spent more time seeking the Lord and He made me realize that it is always Him whom I should turn to first and not people, because they will come and go.

  1. What do you think is the biggest asset a leader must have?

Humility. All the lessons and success will only be possible if one is humble enough to accept that we can never figure it out on our own, we can try try to but it will wear out the soul in us. Humility opens the door for new learning. Humility builds deeper foundations especially when one commits and accepts mistakes. A leader will be shallow and temporary if he/she will think that he/she is already the best. Without humility, a leader cannot train his/her successor.

  1. What was the biggest failure you have experienced and what have you learned?

I failed because I tried to do things on my own, planned my life’s timeline on my own. Specifically, when I went back home to teach in the state university, I told the Lord that I will just stay there for 1-2 years to establish the high school campus ministry. But then on my second semester of teaching, He made me a permanent faculty member. I cried because I do not want it, that was not my plan and timeline.

I learned that there can be many plans in a man’s heart, but only the Lord’s plan will prevail and be the best place that we can be in.

  1. What are you doing to ensure your growth as a leader?

I am a full-time missionary now, yes I did give up my corporate even my government work for kingdom of the Lord. I live by the mindset that I can never remove the Lord in the picture of my life. I can never outrun nor escape His plans. Now, I am trying to improve my spiritual discipline. To add more time in reading the Bible and praying. This is the priority for my growth and then seeking wise counsel whether it is simple or complex decision making.

  1. What can you give as advice to upcoming leaders?

Whatever field you will be in or your heart desires to be in, there will never be a better roadmap other than the Word of the Lord. Try to read it and you will find all aspects of the community in it, even your love life and #careergoals.

Age will never matter, what you know and what you can do may be your springboard to start, but what really drives you to lead is the cause beyond yourself. There has to be that burning passion to change what is wrong and make the society see the real meaning of value and success. Read a lot of inspirational books from the leaders or change makers that you admire. Learn how to contextualize and see the intention of the authors. A good leader must develop a good filter for information, which one has the least bias, which sources should I consume content. Leadership is fun especially when shared with a network of like-minded people. If you don’t know where to start, ask someone around you, “What do you need?” or “What do you want to change in our community?”.

Always keep in mind that the light will shine best in the dark. Be that light today.

Stay tuned as we make this post regular and feature more leaders who I think can inspire you to be more, and do more. Let’s stay ALL LIT UP!


Were you LIT UP? Let me know!

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