(G)race Car Driver

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I’m a fairly new driver; I took a driving class this January in faith that somehow I’ll have a car. Fast forward March and a good friend sold her car to me for a relatively fair price.

This means I am just about four months on the road and having a car has taught me a lot, and yes, even in leadership. Let me sum up some of the things I have learned:

  1. It entails a lot of planning ahead and counting the cost. Before I did get the car, I knew it will entail a lot of costs and checked, and re-checked if how much I earn would fit this lifestyle. Sure, it does make things easier in terms of going to meetings,  and of course for my family, but it made me rethink my spending. Monthly amortization (see, she’s that good to me), and not to mention additional costs added to my list of expenses like gas, parking, toll fees were things I considered when I said yes in getting this after consulting family members and friends.
  2. Maintenance and repair. These are things that are mostly and usually unexpected, hits you on your blind side. Imagine this newbie car owner having problems with shock absorbers, battery, alternator, fan belt, in consecutive months. It was the alternator problem that almost made me give up, but I saw this as opportunities to learn and read up more.
  3. Being street smart (know the laws!). This is actually the meat of why I was able to write this. In four months of driving, I have been flagged twice already and TWICE let go scot-free. No, I am not proud of it because in  both instances I was careless (one beating the red light, me being oblivious to what I did and the other one just earlier as I am writing this, going in the lane for U-turns only), and in both instances I did not ask for my punishment to go but to be ticketed. Amazingly, both instances, the officers, told me this:

“What if patawarin nalang kita?” (What if I just forgive you?)

Those words still ring to me to now. I was screaming real loud inside the car after driving off. Not because I was being conceited, but of praise.

Yes, I was just amazed of grace given to me, and it reminds me of the grace, the forgiveness that God freely gives. Do I deserve to be let off like that? I am pretty sure the answer is no, but it is by the grace of the officers that they let me. Did I do anything to be let off? What qualified me? None. That’s just pure grace.

But that doesn’t mean I should abuse it; this made me rethink how I drive and how I should act accordingly on the road. That I should be more careful in where I drive, mindful of other drivers even when most don’t mind about you (that’s another grace grower–the sudden cuts of buses or jeepneys, high beams of incoming vehicles).

Ultimately, I would like to sum up what I have learned during these four months and it wouldn’t be a surprise–grace. To the three points given, it’s all by grace. It is by His grace that allows me to produce for the expenses, patience for all the bumps along the way, and to be free from the laws I broke due to ignorance. Having this gives me more responsibilities, reveals my character flaws (how do I deal with it?), but again, we end up to relying to His grace.

May be funny for some that even this, I attribute to Him. Everything is His anyway. As a leader, I attribute everything to Him.



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