Seeing Design

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There are two school of thoughts that are always in conflict in my head: I knew I can go good graphic design, and second is that I can’t be great. With those premises, I always wanted to teach design but I always had this mentality too that I am not qualified.

I did not finish a graphic design-related course.

I don’t have teaching units, thus automatic disqualification in teaching in schools.

Seeing this, the biggest roadblock to fulfilling this was myself really. Creativity, as I have learned, is not confined to just the arts or design that is seen commercially, but design spills over to the realm of life; on how we will adjust to everything that hinders us. Thus, I Saw Design was born.

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“As Christ loved the Church.”

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Jason and Melai (local celebs here in PH) just announced that they are breaking up. Actually, it is a norm already; celebs breaking up because of “issues”. Though I cannot judge them really, but it breaks my heart whenever people, especially the married ones, break up. It seems like the line between marriage and dating as couples are now gone and that couples can now break away from each other that easy.

Then I saw this.
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“Who Am I?” (Man Up Series)


Every first Friday of the month, we at Victory Malate hold a special men’s meeting called “Man Up” aiming to bring Biblical manhood back into the society, starting with the men inside the church.

The start of the year’s topic is strong–“WHO AM I?” Though a bit reminiscent of a Jackie Chan classic, it poses a strong and potent question for us men. Who EXACTLY are we, in light of God’s eyes and of the people we deal with (note the hierarchy)?

First off, where do we get our identity, or how do we define it? Are we defined by the number of women we go (or sometimes, sleep with?) out with? Is it by our muscular physique? Is it by our clique or drinking habits?

At this point, I want to take you way back. Way, way back to Genesis.
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