Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

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I don’t usually start these blogs with quotes but I just think it’s very appropriate, and this one is very simple and beautiful; it’s an advice from an old carpenter to his apprentice:

“Measure twice and saw once.” (taken from Maxwell’s “Think of These Things” book)

It’s amazing how simple this quote is; it’s about building a house yet applicable in how we should go about life. Measuring twice is about planning, ensuring that we thoroughly think on what we do now as it is critical and if we don’t, the repercussions are more expensive when we don’t.

I am writing about this because I recently have an experience that showed the importance of planning ahead and planning well, or else it’s going to take toll on you. Though I have more experience before because I know I wasn’t a planner before, this one I took note because it’s just timely and expensive at the same time. Continue reading “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”


#MayForever , really?


Spoiler: There really is a forever, and you know it.

Victory Malate, the local church I am going to, just had a singles event earlier entitled #MayForever which directly contradicts the popular hashtag #WalangForever, spurned by a lot of stories of heartaches and broken relationships due to several factors.

The idea of forever has always been present in the human psyche ever since. That’s why we have always been fascinated by stories of immortality (vampire stories), elixirs, fountain of youth, and with the change in time, the common view of forever now is in the context of love, or companionship.

Humans have a vacuum, a void inside us. We may not readily admit it, but we do, that’s why we try to fill this void with a lot of things, like the next adventure, newest gadget, or say… relationships. The classic “You complete me” line brings chills to us yet in reality, it falls short to our expectations. It’s romantic to hear, but when we fill ourselves with someone who’s also finite, things could and actually WILL fall apart. We’ve seen this with countless stories of failed relationships; I know because I have been in one.

Going back to the event, the speakers are Malate’s own power couple (or it’s just me saying that as I look up to them), Charlton and Vanne Maderal. Continue reading “#MayForever , really?”


* I would like to place this note that I am not in any way an expert in relationships, but this is based from reading, asking around to people, and of course, personal experience. I only had two relationships, and the current one I am engaged with as of writing and looking forward to that day we are reunited and gets married. Until then, I’ll be preparing for marriage with my fiance, Jacque.

Recently, I was invited to be interviewed in a show with a set of questions regarding start of a relationship. I prepared for it in a week, asking the men in the church regarding it so I could properly answer, according to Scripture. Then that day came and with God’s twist, the scenario changed to a ‘debate’ on placing labels on relationships.

Not my first time in television, but surely this was the most nerve-wracking one. And who knows, this won’t be the last I talk about Biblical manhood.

Talk about getting shocked.

The scenario would be: how important is it for us to have labels in the relationship nowadays, or we could survive with the modern “Oh we’re a thing“, exclusively dating but no labels like boyfriend or girlfriend.  I was placed, of course, on the traditional “we-need-labels” relationships.

The points on the modern no label kind of relationships does pose some valid points, like trust issues (you just trust and love, no labels), and about having a “leash”. It does place some points that are indeed good, basing on trust. Labels place unwanted pressure in both parties, they said.

Here are my thoughts on this, summarized in points:
Continue reading “LINES and LABELS”